When You Should Replace Your Timing Belt

Last Updated : October 04 2017

When You Should Replace Your Timing Belt

by Hector Lambert 2017 October 03

When You Should Replace Your Timing Belt

Car care is among the responsibilities you take on the moment you buy one. Car maintenance is important to make your vehicle last longer - saving you from having to purchase a new one every 5 years or so - it also ensures that road accidents are avoided as much as possible.

As a responsible car owner, you are also expected not only to take your vehicle to your mechanic for a regular check up, but to monitor its running condition daily as well.

You do not need the expert skills of a trusted mechanic to know the condition of your car's brakes, fuel, windscreen, or lights. You can easily identify the problem yourself and most of the time, you can fix it by doing a few simple tweaks.

The timing belt of a car's engine is a very important part because it serves as a connection between that camshaft and crankshaft. Because of this, it controls and monitors the opening and closing activities of the valves of the car's engine. This shows that getting a timing belt replacement when needed is vital. The timing belt ensures that the engine works properly and smoothly. Cars that have four stroke engines are designed in a way so that their engine valves open and close during each revolution of the crankshaft. This serves as another proof that timing belt replacement needs to be done as soon as possible if it's needed.

When the timing belt is at shot , your car's engine will stop working. If this happens, your best option is to seek the help from your trusted mechanic to fix the problem for you.

We all know how inconvenient it is to have your car die on you. To prevent engine troubles caused by timing belt malfunction, you have to learn to at least determine when your car's timing  belt needs to be replaced. The belt should be changed typically after every 60000 miles.

However, over a certain period of time, you need to get it replaced. This leads us to the question "How will I know that my car needs a replacement?" There are certain symptoms that will tell you that you need to get one done for your car. These are actually very easy to recognize. Let's take a look at them:

Difficult Ignition

Most cars that have a good mileage suffer from ignition problems when their belt gets damaged. Oftentimes, the car won't start quickly and you need to hold the key for a long time just so you can start your vehicle.

Shaking Engine

You will feel your car shaking because it's belt has already gone wrong. The timing with the pistons and valves are set accurately. So, when it gets damaged, the timing can go wrong causing the car to tremble while it's operating.

Excessive Firing

Excessive firing, going over the amount of exhaust will cause problems to your car later on. Damage to the belt is one of the reasons why this happens.

Engine Overheating And Leaking

Hot weather conditions can sometimes cause damage to the belts. Thus causes the car's engine to overheat and to start leaking.

Once you confirm that your car needs a belt replacement, you need to take it to a reputable auto repair shop. You should also get a good idea as to how much this service costs. On average, the price for this service usually ranges from $250 to $700. In some cases, cars need maintenance repairs for other parts which causes the overall cost of the repair service to increase.

Of course, to save even more, you can always learn how to replace it as well as the specific timing belt pulley involved all by yourself. You can pay close attention to how your mechanic changes it or just refer to the owner's manual to find out how to replace a timing belt pulley for your specific type of car.

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